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Gold filled EP Saturn Paper Clip Link Chain Customizable Jewelry by Foot 3FT/1 PK

Gold filled EP Saturn Paper Clip Link Chain Customizable Jewelry by Foot 3FT/1 PK

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Gold filled EP Saturn Paper Clip Link Chain Customizable Jewelry Sold by Foot 18KT 

GFC145H:(Saturn Chain)

Round Link Chain=2mm

Roundel Spacer=2.5mm

GFC147H:(Long and Short Chain)

Long Link= 4x2mm

Short Link=2mm

GFC149H:(Saturn Chain)

Long Link=4x6mm

Roundel Spacer=3.5mm

GFC150H:(Paper Clip Chain)

Long Link=6x2mm

Short Link=2x2mm

GFC157H:(Marquis Chain)

Long Link=5x3mm

Short Link=2mm


it is unfinished chain, it comes continuous without cut

Material: Gold Filled EP (electroplated)
Metal Base Metal Copper
Color: 18Kt


1 PK = 3 FT 

5 PKs =15 FT -10 % OFF

10 PKs = 30 FT-15% OFF

18K Gold Electroplated Jewelry is covered with a thick layer of 18k real gold. They look alike in appearance, you can see that 18K Gold Electroplated Jewelry density and hardness are bigger than 18K gold jewelry.

Will electroplated gold tarnish?
However, just like solid gold jewelry, gold electroplated jewelry can tarnish if not cared for properly.

Here are just a few tips: Remove your jewelry before you swim in chlorine or salt water. Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot. Wait to put on your jewelry until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.

Our gold filled chain is the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to your handmade jewelry creations. Made with a thick layer of gold, our chain is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to tarnishing, making it a great option for everyday wear.
We offer a variety of chain styles to choose from, including cable chain, curb chain, and figaro chain, as well as a range of thicknesses and lengths to suit your needs. Whether you're making necklaces, bracelets, or anklets, our gold filled chain is a versatile and affordable option. Choose from our selection of high-quality gold filled chain to find the perfect match for your next jewelry-making project. Our chain is affordably priced and backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction


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